Kratom benefits mentioned by the consumers: #IamKratom 2

After doing a social network review in various parts of the world about the testimonies and commentaries of the people with the hashtag #iamkratom, we wanted to compile what benefits have been indicated for them about ingesting Kratom (known as Mitragyna Speciosa) to relieve several issues, aches, and pains.

Among the positive recommendations or experiences, Kratom consumers have highlighted several effects such as anxiolytic effect, antidepressant, anticonvulsive, stimulating, analgesic, anti-diarrheal, anti-inflammatory, and sedative (at higher doses).

Also, the consumers have stated that “improves cognition”, “encourages a better mental focus”, “increases attention span”, “induces euphoria”, and “increases confidence and optimism”.

Certainly, the effects of Kratom are different according to the dose or quantity ingested, as well as the body of each one.


Let’s look at the 11 benefits of Kratom most mentioned in the hashtag #IamKratom.

  1. Increases the mood

The Kratom consumers #iamkratom have said that just one dose can eliminate negative thoughts and produces optimism in the mind. “You will feel like everything is possible to you”.

While in greater doses, Kratom can create a condition of euphoria, due to the presence of the mitragynine. “Kratom will block any kind of negative feeling you have”.

This is why is said that Kratom can increase the mood of people and produce a feeling of complete satisfaction. “Kratom can cause a deep sensation of well-being and fullness”.

  1. Stimulation of the mind

The effects of consuming Kratom #iamkratom regarding the brain stimulation can be compared with those of coffee or any other caffeinated beverage. The good thing about this plant is that it can provide instant energy for the mind, without causing nervousness or restlessness.

This means, according to the consumers in #iamkratom, that they obtain a clearer mind, with more focus.

  1. Pain management

Despite the war of the economic interests of the big pharmaceuticals, the Kratom consumers #iamkratom defend that they have wanted to replace different strong medicines used for relieving the pain; in some cases to avoid the unpleasant side effects, and in others, because of cost issues.

It is worth to remember that the alkaloids of Kratom work as opiates and therefore, activate the mu-type opioids receptors in the brain. This explains its use in the relief of temporary and permanent pain.

Kratom powder or capsules have been used to treat some medical conditions like intense headaches, migraines, arthritis, vascular and muscle pain.

Also, Kratom consumers indicate that is good for treating all the pains that don’t respond to prescription drugs. And on top of that, they add, “Kratom is less addictive and much safer compared to these drugs.”

  1. Improves the sleep

Sometimes the stress or the excessive activity during the day cause that some people don’t get enough rest when night comes. Is in these cases where Kratom comes up as one of the best natural remedies to improve the quality of sleep, that is, sleep well.

The sedative effect it achieves on the brain is like putting it into a restful, relaxing condition. It’s like a pause that makes it easier for people to sleep instead of being mentally active.

In fact, it has turned out to be a natural remedy for the insomnia disorder, and some people even claim that it “helps you dream vividly.”

This is why we find statements like “It’s great for those who want to wake up happy and rested in the morning”. “It’s a life-changing experience”.

  1. Better concentration

Kratom consumers #iamkratom have indicated that it’s been good for studying more or for making more demanding mental exercises at work.

For those who consider vital to be concentrated and focused on what they do every day, Kratom could work as a help to increase mental energy and making the mind to be more awake and sharp.

This is why Kratom is being used now in the medical therapies to treat the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Syndrome (ADHD).

The consumers indicate that its effect may resemble those of a nootropic.

  1. Facilitates the extraction of opiates.

According to what is said publicly in #iamkratom, different strains of Kratom can support those who are addicted to opiates and who want to get rid of that addiction.

But it’s true that this is an effect that does not apply to all people, because each body is different, we’ve read the defense of those who have felt this benefit.

Reducing the consumption of opiates is a critical choice, because of the side effects of abstinence.

It’s known that eliminating the opiates or other drugs (which means, detoxify) is a hard task due to the dependency already created. This herb (in powder or capsule formulations) allows decreasing and even eliminating the effects that are often seeing in the abstinence of opiates, which include: vomits, muscle pain, increased sweating and anxiety.

  1. Energizer and increase alertness

Everyone knows that Kratom, in small doses, can help to start the day with a great boost of energy and a better state of alertness, as if you were drinking a cup of coffee or tea.

It acts as a stimulating that provides more energy, without making the consumer feel agitated or anxious. This means a greater energy without increasing the heartbeat.

These doses of alertness sensation combine perfectly with the greater focus and better mental clarity.

  1. Powerful relaxant

Modern life is full of situations that can trigger feelings of anxiety or stress, which are not beneficial for our health. The Kratom consumers have stated that ingesting greater doses allows them to get a more sedative effect.

The good thing is that they affirm to achieve calmness, remove nervousness, and reduce physical and mental tension while getting a positive mood and emotional relief.

It’s important to remember that each body is different; we have to increase the doses gradually, until eliminating the negative or stressful thoughts.

  1. Increases kindness

We do not all have the same ease of integration to groups of people and we know that there are those who are even paralyzed just thinking about having to interact with other people for the first time. In those cases, Kratom consumers have said that this herb has helped them to decrease social anxiety, from being introvert people to more sociable people.

Kratom’s relaxing effect has allowed people to feel more comfortable in situations that were previously stressful. “The confidence comes back and the moments of tension transform into nice and even fun situations”.

  1. Promotes health

Kratom is very popular in South Asian cultures and has been used as a medicinal herb for 100 years. These cultures have mentioned countless times a number of health benefits that are related to Kratom.

The research proves that it’s a strong antioxidant that helps to decrease neural damage after a stroke.

On the other hand, it helps to control blood sugar.

Kratom also has antibacterial properties that improve the immune system.

  1. Sex improver

Yes, you read it right. It turns out that just as it has happened with some medications that have been prescribed for some pathology and then it is discovered that side effects are beneficial for other difficulties, so it is with Kratom.

Nowadays there are many reports of Kratom consumers claiming that this herb is also an invigorating, sexual enhancer. “It helps to elevate feelings of excitement and allows you to last longer during sex.”

Both men and women can benefit from this by increasing sexual arousal.

We infer that when a person lowers stress and increases the euphoria, they activate all of their senses and feel more confident about themselves for the intimacy moments.


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