Kava supplement as a potential remedy against cancer

Kava supplement

Much has been said about the great health effects of Kava supplement, but little has been said about the positive impact of the consumption of this plant on cancer.

Those who have consumed Kava Kava for a long time have pointed out that they’re less exposed to develop cancer because of the healing and anti-cancer properties of Kava effects.

For example, several studies have observed a low incidence of cancer in Pacific Island localities and it is thought that a chemopreventive agent in the daily diet may be responsible for their protection from cancer.

Those who consume Kava supplement say that the more Kava extract a population consumes, the lower the incidence of cancer.

Recent studies on this root (Kava Kava) have shown that it has great potential in the treatment of diseases such as leukemia and ovarian cancer.

It should be noted that Kava extract root is a natural analgesic and an effective anti-inflammatory agent.

It can be used with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines such as paracetamol and ibuprofen, to relieve pain that is felt with cancer.

Besides, it’s known that the sedative properties of Kava effects also induce sleep and has a partial analgesic effect, which contributes with those who are suffering from cancer, with a better attitude.

What is highly recommended is not to use Kava supplement for a very long period of time.

It must be used in high doses (three capsules a day) to achieve sedation or a calming effect and just for three months in a row.

Using Kava Kava for a period longer than three months can be counterproductive.

The sale and use of kava are regulated in several countries since Kava can cause unwanted side effects if it’s used indiscriminately.

This only happens when it is used irresponsibly.

For this reason, it’s recommended to consume it in a balanced way and with the vigilance of your trusted doctor.

More information about Kava supplement

Who shouldn’t use Kava? Pregnant women, alcoholics, and people who use drugs, opiates or narcotics.

Ask your doctor before consuming Kava extract.

If you’re in the process of quitting drugs, Kava can be a great ally since makes the effects of withdrawal mild and even non-existent.

This plant, from the Pacific region, has been used in traditional medicine for over 3000 years and has had great and positive health effects.

Only it hadn’t met in the West until now. And it’s been a success.

The natural calming properties of Kava effects have made it very popular in the dietary supplement market and it’s available in teas, capsules, pills, tablets and even skin tints.

Kava is also known for its analgesic and anesthetic properties. Hence it’s so important for people suffering from cancer.

Kava anxiety is also known as yaqona, awa, and sakau.

Its scientific name is Piper methysticum.

In ancient Greece, Kava roots were used extensively for the preparation of beverages that served as natural sedatives.

Loaded with kavalactones, this product is also known for providing several health benefits, as long as it’s consumed under the recommended conditions.

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