What are Kava’s health benefits?

Kava Root

What are Kava root health benefits?

The Kava Kava, also known simply as kava, is a plant native to Polynesia. The Kava root of this herb are ground to a paste to which a little water is added, to form a beverage that has been known (for centuries) for its calming effects.

Although different research is currently being done on Kava‘s side effects, it is known to have multiple health benefits.

The main benefit is reducing the anxiety and inducing a deep sleep.

The Kava root is known for its relaxing effect and this is the reason why it’s often used to relieve anxiety.

The kavalactones, which are substances that affect the brain and the central nervous system, are directly linked to the sedative effect of this plant and, in this regard, Kava root or Kava powder is used as an effective remedy to fight the anxiety.

It’s recommended a dose of 100mg of Kava two or three times a day.

You can also check the appropriate dose in any cava drink.

Kava can also be effective to reduce the withdrawal symptoms on people who have to stop taking medicine to sleep (benzodiazepines).

People taking sedatives should not take Kava root with the rest of their medications because this might cause extreme drowsiness and decreased reflexes.

The Kava, along with the valerian, can be highly effective to induce sleep and get a deep, restful rest. Even choose the cava drink.

Other benefits of The Kava root

It’s been said that the kavalactones reduce seizures and also contain analgesic properties.

So, therefore, Kava root may also be used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, migraines, muscle pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, urinary tract infections and certain respiratory tract infections.

Kava powder is also applied externally to fight certain skin diseases, as well to contribute to healing and act as an analgesic.

Currently many prefer cava drink to enjoy among friends. Although it can be obtained as Kava powder and in capsules.

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Kava Kava safety

The most important is that if you have any major condition, you should ask your doctor about Kava consumption.

It is the best way for you to enjoy peacefully all the benefits and properties that Kava Kava has to offer.

It’s been said that pregnant or nursing women, for example, they should not ingest this plant or its derivatives.


About Anxiety

Panic attacks or anxiety attacks usually occur suddenly, isolated and temporarily in the person who suffers.

It produces an intense malaise, fear or fear, being able to last minutes or hours.

In those cases, the heart rate increases, breathing becomes difficult, hyperventilation can occur, as well as an increase in temperature and tremor

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