Kava plant: the drink that doesn’t cause a hangover and is a trend among young people

kava root effects

We want to talk to you about the Kava root effects. The Kava plant causes anesthetic effects and allows you to relax with a touch of euphoria.

In New York, Kava plant consumption is starting to become popular as a drink trend among young people, since allows them to socialize without having the hangover effects that the alcohol causes.

The kava anxiety drink is made from a millenary root, native to the Pacific Ocean.

The preparation of Kava plant, as it is known, consists of mixing the roots in powder with water or any other drink that can be fruity to avoid its bitter taste.

For years, kava anxiety has been used to relieve stress symptoms, such as nervousness, insomnia, muscle aches and others like those related to menopause.

Young people have found in Kava a natural drink that can disinhibit them and ease socialization in a controlled way and without the negative side effects of some drugs.

In addition, it is becoming increasingly fashionable for young people to consume Kava anxiety because it reduces stress and high levels of anxiety or insomnia.

Even those youngsters addicted to opioid drugs use Kava to stop consuming drugs because kava root effects are the detoxification of the body.

This allows them to start quitting drugs, without suffering the unpleasant side effects.

Kava root powder is for young people the cool drink of the moment because they can consume it to have a good time with friends and create pleasant moments in good company.

Besides drinking the kava root powder, young people can smoke it or ingest it as pills to enjoy all of its benefits, according to the right dose for each case.

Kava root effects according to the dose

If you’re looking to have a sedative effect, the doses of kava root effects should be higher than two pills a day, but if you are looking for a high alert state or produce euphoria or disinhibition with a pill will be enough.

Kava root powder is composed of several components of rhizome and lactones that have been separated from the kava root to form kavalactones, known to provide psychoactive activity.

Liposoluble kavalactones – derived from kava resin – have the greatest effect on the central nervous system.

At the kava bar, the kava drink has a direct effect on muscle tension and acts similarly to tranquilizers.

The kavalactones activity is also related to several arylethylene pyrones similar to myristicin in the root of nutmeg.

Do you want to know what else Kava plant is used for?

As a natural sedative, it’s very effective to induce relaxing and calm states. It has also been said that it sharpens the senses, leading to increased sexual desire and improved sleep. Other people that have consumed Kava say that it works to reduce anxiety and stress. It can relieve chronic pain, migraines, and muscle pain. It can replace aspirin, acetaminophen or ibuprofen.

Kava can work as a medicine for anxiety, and it’s not addictive. Kava relaxes the muscle, fights insomnia and promotes a deep and restful sleep.

As in everything else, it is recommended to consume Kava in moderation to enjoy all its health properties. It’s always advisable to ask its use with the physician and not ingest it if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.

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