The Kava plant and its benefits

Kava bar

The Kava plant and its benefits

If you’re looking for having more relaxation, without losing mental clarity, Kava Kava high is the ideal South Pacific plant to consume for medicinal purposes.

Since ancient times, kava drink has been used for religious, cultural and social purposes.

Kava consumers mention in their social networks that this plant encourages a positive mood and relieves everyday stress.

This allows us to deduce that it provides a state of great tranquility and relief.

The Kava extract that we offer you contains 30% kavalactone alkaloids.

These alkaloids of the Kava Kava high are the main ingredient known to relieve anxiety, regulate tension and promote total relaxation.

In case you didn’t know, the Kava extract comes from a plant grown in the South Pacific Islands and its root is harvested and used to make a drink (Kava drink) or to be ingested in capsules.

Over the course of more than three thousand years, it has become clear that Kava extract has many health benefits.

It’s also known as Kava-Kava (in Tongan), Ava (in Samoan), Awa (in Hawaiian), and many other names.

For a long time the Kava drink was used for recreational purposes, but then after several investigations, it was discovered that it has multiple healing functions.

These benefits or positive effects of the Kava Kava high range from the relief of chronic pain, analgesic, antibiotic and relief of states of insomnia, stress, and anxiety.

After this plant was presented to the Europeans, they gave it the name of Piper (which in Latin means “Pepper”) Methysticum (from the Latinized Greek “Intoxicating”).

Currently, Kava is being cultivated and distributed all over the world.

Kava Kava high is highly recommended for:

  • Pain handling and management.
  • Anti-anxiety.
  • Increase of concentration.
  • Anti-convulsive
  • Gentle sedation, soothing, relieves stress or restlessness
  • Natural mood enhancer.

Most people that try Kava powder for the first time may have a hard time getting the results on the first try.

But once you achieve the desired results, many people find out that less and less Kava is needed to have the desired stability or peace of mind.

If you’ve tried more than once and you still can’t see the results, it’s a good thing you don’t give up because you probably have a little “reverse tolerance.”

In other words, your body may need a little time to enjoy the incredible results that come from taking Kava.

With this, we’re trying to say that the Kava powder can help to regain balance, relieving stress and anxiety or various pains, without creating a relationship of dependency.

Other effects of Kava extract

Other Kava consumers affirm that it’s also used to fight venereal diseases and skin infections since it has antifungal effects.

It’s known that in Europe is used to cure urinary tract infections and to prevent seizures in epileptic patients.

Likewise, some studies indicate that it can help patients that have had a stroke because it reduces the risk of permanent damage.

If you want to enjoy all the benefits of Kava and take advantage of Same day delivery, you can click here.

Recommendations for the consumption of Kava Kava high:

When taken for the first time, it is suggested that particular reactions be closely monitored.

Be careful because in some people may promote natural sleep, and if so, do not drive or do any activity that requires concentration.

It’s recommended not to mix with other drugs, nor to consume for long periods of time (3 months or more), without intermediate breaks.

Kava Kava should not be abused, as it can cause intoxication or disorientation, as is the case with excessive alcohol consumption.

The high consumption of Kava is known as “Kavism” and is distinguished by the generation of scaly skin rashes and yellowish coloration.

The users state that these symptoms disappear once you stop consuming the root.

We will have available the Kava powder very soon. If you want to try the capsule version with 30% kavalactones, Buy Kava now.

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