Did you know that with Kava drink you can prevent cancer?

Kava drink

Did you know that with Kava drink you can prevent cancer?

So far much has been said about the great benefits of Kava drink in managing stress, anxiety, and insomnia.

The truth is that the advantages of this plant – on health – go further and we want to share it with you.

Fiji kava can have a positive impact on cancer cells in the sense that it can stop cancer and in other cases prevent it.

It is important to know that the indiscriminate consumption of this plant can bring some side effects.

The main danger could be liver damage. In this regard, liver tests are recommended to monitor the condition of your liver or your condition or predisposition to developing liver disease.

What we recommend is to consume Kava drink responsibly.

About Kava drink

Kava, also called Kava Kava or druhy kávy, is a plant from the South Pacific of Polynesia, Micronesia, and Macaronesia. (Fiji kava)

For centuries, Kava root has been used as a medicine and recreational drink (Kava tea), as well as in various ceremonies in Oceania.

Currently, Kava consumers have seen amazing benefits in patients with cancer.

Based on recorded experience, Kava is effective because it blocks tumor growth and shows great signs of chemo-preventive potential.

This is because Kava contains secondary metabolites (flavokawains) that can have anti-cancer properties.

Research indicates that to prove this, the cancer cells were treated previously and with Kava (druhy kávy) consumption later resistance was observed, showing significant cell death.

This allows believing that Kava root has a great potential as a chemotherapeutic or preventive agent.

In a recent study, published in Oncotarget it was proven that within the Kava plant there are elements that inhibit the growth of certain deficient cell lines.

Likewise, other studies have proven that dietary nutrition with Kava drink inhibited the formation of lesions and adenocarcinoma of the prostate.

As a result, the tumor was shrunk and metastases from distant organs were completely eliminated.

These founds suggest that the metabolizing agents that are found in Kava root can work as an efficient inhibitor to attack cell degeneration and contribute to the prevention and treatment of prostate cancer.

This explains why it has been informed that Kava (druhy kávy) has a high anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory potential.

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It should be noted that the state of the immune system and the inflammatory process can develop and play a vital role in cancer progression.

According to a study carried out in Malaysia, it was found that after the Kava treatment there was a decrease in the weight and volume of the cancerous tumor.

Inflammation (in mice treated with Kava drink) was also reduced.

Overall, these results showed that Kava root has the potential not only to improve anti-tumor immunity but also to prevent the inflammatory process in an organism with a high propensity to cancer.

Other uses of Kava drink

Although Fiji kava is used mostly to calm anxiety disorder, stress, nervousness or symptoms of insomnia, we’ve also read that it’s recommended for the treatment of diseases like epilepsy, depression, psychosis, and migraines or chronic pain.

Respiratory tract infections, muscle pain, tuberculosis, and the common cold are also treated with Kava.

Infections, venereal diseases, menstrual discomfort and sexual arousal are other uses in which the root of Kava in capsules or kava tea has been shown to have satisfactory effects.

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